Employers could be getting hundreds of people applying for the same job, so you need to stand out. What makes you stand out? Your CV.

We have spoken to employers and the best way to enhance your chances of getting an interview is to attach your CV to your GetMyFirstJob profile. This could also make your profile at Gold standard, making you even more likely to get an interview!

If you’re struggling to write your CV, then we are here to help. Simon Gray, author of Super Secrets of the Successful First Time Jobseeker says that your CV is like a movie trailer, a trailer aims to excite you and make you want to go and see the movie and your CV is to make the interviewer want to see you.

There are so many easy things to do to make your CV the best it can be. Remember to follow the three M’s. Your CV…

Must Stand out

Must be memorable

Must have an impact

This is because most CV’s only get 15 seconds of airtime.

When writing your CV bear in mind it isn’t about you, it’s about everything you have done and want to do. Make sure that you sell your accomplishments, even if you don’t have any work experience you can talk about achievements in school, college or sports and hobbies and if you have completed any skills or summer programmes such as NCS, these will all help you to get noticed.

It’s important to keep it simple - don’t use job specific jargon. Often it is a recruitment team that look at your CV before it is passed on to the people you will be working with.

Make the best stuff loud and clear

Keep it on the top page of your CV as that’s where the recruiter will be looking first.

Emphasise strategically

Use bolding, underlining and italicising to make the important things that you want to showcase most stand out.

You must tailor your CV to the job you are applying for. Never reuse the same CV for different jobs. The time spent doing this will save you a lot more time in the future job hunting!

We found all of these tips and more from ‘Super secrets of the successful first-time job seeker’ by Simon Gray.

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