We know that you can get a lot of apprenticeships, but did you know you can get horse car apprenticeships?

We always say you can get an apprenticeship in anything, and if you have a passion for horses, an apprenticeship in horse care could be perfect for you! Qualifications will enable you to get a better job, but hands on experience is a great way to show employers that you are motivated to work with horses, so an apprenticeship is an opportunity you can’t refuse. It will show that you can work whatever the weather, whatever the hour! The ‘on the job’ skills you gain and the vocational qualification you earn means you will be an all-rounder in the horse care world.

Working with horses is a way of life, the enjoyment you get from horse care is a reward from all the hard work you put in. Depending on your employer, you could get the opportunity to groom at competitions, ride a range of horses or care for new born foals.  As well as a passion for horses, a horse care apprentice should be sympathetic and caring, work well in a team, have great communication skills, and most importantly be enthusiastic – even on cold Winter days!