As the world develops, the way we use technology continues to change. One of the latest changes in the tech world as we know it was the introduction of AI. With people across the planet using AI to speed up their everyday tasks - it's no surprise that when searching for jobs, AI can have a role to play there too. Our recent roundtables uncovered that 80% of employers have seen candidates using AI - up from the 35% reported previously. This significant stat made us think: How exactly are people using AI during their job search?

Dream jobs discovered through AI 

Yes, you heard that right – for many who aren't quite sure which career path they want to go down, AI could be the answer to matching them to a suitable career. Those on their job search can receive recommendations that match with their strengths and passions, helping them take their next step into the world of work with confidence and clarity. Fancy giving it a go? Try out our Microsoft Connector Digital Career Copilot today and discover a digital career match that could be perfect for you.  


The modern approach to CV writing 

The rising use of AI offers a chance to speed up tasks that once demanded a lot of time and effort, one of those being writing your CV. Using AI means that individuals can put together a CV in almost half the time, showcasing their skills and experiences easily to potential employers. However, it's vital to make sure your employer accepts CVs that have used a helping hand from AI to avoid potential setbacks in your job application process. Using AI can be a helpful tool when you struggle to express your skills on paper, positioning you in the best way that remains authentic. 

  It's important when using AI, you don't create an alter-ego! This isn't about faking information and making a 'better' you. It's about using AI to make your experience and skills come to life. You can use it to understand what skills you could have gained from certain experiences help you to frame your CV in the most effective way. All of this helps to make sure your CV is still honest and telling your truth, whilst also giving you a helping hand to securing your dream job. Could using AI to write CVs become the new normal? 

The Power of AI in your Interview Preparation  


Using AI in your CV can help put the skills you have on paper. However, the next step in the process is to present yourself well in an interview in front of an employer. AI can be a great tool to support you in this step of the process. You could use it to practice common interview questions, finding out how you’d respond to them and getting AI feedback on your answers. This allows you to prepare in a realistic way to the demands of a real-life interview! AI can even give you advice based on your CV, as to what experience you could draw on to answer the question and help you to see the connection between your skills and what the interviewer is looking for. 

But a word of caution to using AI.... don’t learn your answers like a script! There’s nothing worse than someone reciting an answer from memory at an interview. Your interviewer will be able to spot that your answers may not be genuine, and if you’re taking a Video Interview the software it uses may be able to intelligently understand that you are reading straight from AI. It can be a great tool for practicing and to support you but remember to add your authentic self to your answers. Ultimately the person who will get the job is you, not your AI assistant! 


From discovering dream jobs to streamlining CV writing, AI is truly changing the way many carry out their job search. As we get excited about the benefits of AI, it's important to remain mindful of employer preferences to make sure that AI isn't the reason for an unsuccessful application. 

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