You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you the future of the world of work. We’ve compiled a list of five industries set to see major growth in the next decade!

Technology and IT services

AI is revolutionizing various sectors including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing because of its applications in automation and data analysis. The potential of AI is endless and exciting, meaning we can expect to see some major growth.

Plus, with the acceleration of digital transformation comes an increase in the need for robust cybersecurity measures, in order to protect sensitive data and prevent cyber threats.

Healthcare and Biotechnology

The pandemic accelerated the popularity of telehealth services, and with the convenience and improvement in technology, this is expected to grow more and more.

Similarly the increased awareness and de-stigmatisation of mental health is driving demand for both mental health services and digital health platforms.

Plus, advances in genomics and biotechnology are paving the way for tailored treatments for individual genetic profiles. This is definitely an industry to watch!

Renewable Energy and Environmental Services

To combat climate change, we are seeing governments and businesses invest heavily in renewable energy sources. This transition from dependency on fossil fuels will see exciting growth in this industry!

We are also seeing more and more electric vehicles on the road, supported by advancements in battery technology along with government incentives.

Plus, companies across all sectors are increasingly seeking expertise in sustainability to meet regulatory requirements as well as consumer demand for eco-friendly business practices.

Education and E-Learning

Due to exciting advancements in digital tools, the shift towards online learning platforms is expected to continue, offering flexibility to many learners.

In the same way, educational technology solutions such as AI learning systems and virtual classrooms are transforming the landscape of education as we speak!

Entertainment and Media

We’re all expecting to watch our fair share of Netflix this summer, but as the demand for streaming content continues to rise, this is definitely an industry with growth in its future.

Plus, virtual reality and augmented reality are both gaining traction in gaming, entertainment and even education applications. These exciting developments are set to bring a new dimension to this sector!

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