So, you've just received a call inviting you to interview at that amazing company you applied for… you can picture it now, getting that job offer in, you'll be their newest employee ready to take the company by storm and impress your way to the top. The only snag? – you haven't actually interviewed yet.

We all know interviews can be a little intimidating, that's why I've compiled a list of Dos and Don'ts for you to follow when preparing for an interview. Have a read and finish feeling prepared, excited and most of all confident about that interview!

Let's start with the Dos:

Do make sure you do some research on the company you're interviewing with – check out their website and social media pages, try to gain as much background information as you can.

Do make sure your phone is turned off, or on aeroplane mode, before you get to the interview to avoid it disrupting your interview. You don't want your mum calling to check how it went halfway through!

Do make sure you prepare a couple of questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview – maybe something like when you will know if you have been successful, or ask them to confirm the dress code?

Now on to the Don'ts:

Don't forget to dress for the occasion! Generally, if you are going to an interview you should be dressing professionally, but if you aren't sure – just ask! Some employers may ask you to come in sport attire if a task is physical during the interview. For example, if you're applying for a Personal Trainer role.

Don't be afraid to cancel an interview – if you don't want to go or something crops up that you can't miss, don't be afraid to call the company or your recruitment consultant to let them know you won't be attending. It makes everyone's lives a lot easier and no one is going to be angry at you for letting us know!

Don't forget to be confident! You've made it this far, why shouldn't you get the position - believe in yourself and your ability. The worst thing to come from an interview, is more experience to take with you to the next interview, and the best thing you could get is a new job!

The key thing to remember is that communication is key. If you aren't sure, just ask the person that invited you to interview, it's always better to ask too many questions but to be prepared than to ask no questions and be completely underprepared.

I hope you have found these Do's and Don'ts to Interviewing useful!

This blog was written by Martha Thompson, one of the Talent Managers at GetMyFirstJob

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