Take your mind off the wait for your results by going through our activities list and making the most of the next few weeks, before you must start thinking about what to do with your future.

Go to a music festival   

One of the best things about summer is the weather that's just right for a festival. They have certainly come a long way from the psychedelic tie-dye events of the sixties (or have they?). Why not attend a free community festival close to home for a day, or even get a group of friends together and camp out with thousands of other fans at one of the biggest music festivals in the world? 


Take a walking tour of a city 

Google your nearest city, strap on some shoes that are made for walking and get going! There's so much to experience in your local area that you may have no idea about. From the best street-food restaurants, to hipster vintage shops, and even the most Instagram worthy graffiti art, there is much more to see than you’d expect. 


Go stargazing 

If exams didn't completely exhaust you, then why not stay up and check out the nights sky. If you don't know anything about stars then why not just make up your own constellations with what you see up there, just make sure it's not planes you're spotting. And if you want to impress your friends with your astronomy knowledge, why not tell them about the constellation named after a boy who took his dad's chariot for a joyride. 


Visit a free museum  

If you're strapped for cash this summer, why not experience some culture and forget about an admission fee. From the best-known London exhibitions, to tiny (and odd) displays, there is much on offer across the country. If you want something different, why not visit the Freud Museum where the renowned psychologist himself lived and see the couch on which he treated his patient’s darkest fears and dreams. 


Make homemade ice-cream 

Nothing says summer like eating your weight in frozen-cold, delicious treats, and ice-cream certainly is delicious. Making it yourself gives you the opportunity to experiment with a range of flavours and ingredients you can’t find in the supermarket. So rather than sticking with boring vanilla or raspberry ripple, why not unload all the chocolate and sweets you can find into the freezer and enjoy.  


Play mini-golf 

Do you have decent hand-eye co-ordination? Are you slightly competitive and don't frustrate easily? Golf may be boring but playing with cartoonish-ly small clubs and aiming at a miniature, mechanical windmill does have some charm about it. And the best part? Pretty much anyone can play, even if you can't hit par on the average golf course, this game may still be for you. 


Go kayaking 

Not only is kayaking a great workout that'll get you off the sofa and out into the summer sun, it can also give you the opportunity to see a side of nature that you might not get to see normally. There are many types of kayaking that can offer excitement, from white water rafting, to drifting on the open sea seal spotting, the opportunities are endless. Just make sure to check the strength of the tide before you go. 


Watch an outdoor film screening  

Indulge in some nostalgia for the (not so) distant past and watch a movie at an outdoor film screening and enjoy the warm weather whilst it lasts. Search for your local film society and see what they have on offer, or if you want something a bit more, why not look up Summer Nights Film Festival events near you. The festival organises movie screenings set in the beautiful grounds of the UK's heritage locations.  

Go camping  

Get closer to nature and learn crucial survival skills such as how to open a tin of baked beans after you left the can opener at home. Camping is a great, and cheaper, alternative to going away on holiday and can be a great bonding experience. It might also be a good idea for some to enjoy some quiet time away from the joys of the internet for some time and refresh yourself before having to make decisions about the future.   

Consider volunteering 

One way you may not have considered spending the summer is through offering your time for free. However, not only does volunteering help the people around you, but has the bonus of looking great on a CV or application form. Seeing how your hard work can impact others around you can be a highly fulfilling way to spend time in the long summer holiday.