Apprenticeships in media cover everything from film to fashion, music and computer gaming. They all sound like exciting career paths but finding an apprenticeship can be the ultimate challenge!

All of these industries are very difficult to get into, even with a degree or with several years of experience so an apprenticeship could be the perfect opportunity! Once you get your foot in the door and start making connections than your dream job could become reality. We can’t beat you around the bush either; junior roles in this industry aren’t always the best paid and you could be expected to work unsocial hours.

Without the people in the background; the production assistants, the runners, the teams of technicians and so many more, there would be no stage for people to perform, so what kind of jobs could you get as a media apprentice?

Technical Media Apprenticeships

There are lots of technical roles available in the media industry, that you might not initially think about. You could be working with the latest digital imaging techniques for visual effects or be part of the lighting for scenery in both films and stage work. 

•    Assistant Technical Director
•    Community arts
•    Live event rigger
•    Photo imaging
•    Technical Theatre
•    Junior 2D Artist

Broadcasting Media Apprenticeships

Working in broadcasting will give you lots of different opportunities with many people. You’ll get to work as part of a production team building your understanding of the TV & Radio industry. Within broadcasting you could be planning projects or events to managing guests and managing resources. You could also be asked to support in other areas such as technical or administration tasks.

•    Broadcast Production Assistant
•    Broadcast Assistant
•    Live events and promotion
•    Outside Broadcast Engineer

Administration Media Apprenticeships

There is a strong administrative side to the media industry, after all, without promotion of things how would anyone ever watch or hear it? There are lots of opportunities in promotion and advertising or organising member information for a theatre. There are plenty of opportunities and you’re bound to make a name for yourself. There are also more background tasks that go on such as tailoring and cutting for costumes and putting the set together.

•    Bespoke Tailor and cutter
•    Community Arts
•    Cultural and heritage Venues
•    Fashion and Textiles
•    Furniture manufacturer
•    Junior Journalist
•    Live events and promotion
•    Papermaker
•    Sign maker

There are over 3,000 creative apprenticeships in the sector – so demand is very high!

What skills and qualities do I need to get an apprenticeship in the media?

There are apprenticeships of all levels in the media industry, so entry requirements can differ. For some apprenticeships you’ll just need to have GCSEs, for other apprenticeships you should have got A-Level results as well.

You should also be:
•    Artistic
•    Lots of creative flair
•    Enjoy new ideas and have plenty
•    Work as part of a team
•    Passionate about your chosen field
•    Take an interest in arts & culture
•    Interest in arts and culture
•    Prepared to work long hours
•    Motivated by the job you love not just money

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