One of our Talent Managers, Josh has written a blog to help you with Phone Etiquette.

So, you’ve filled out your profile on GetMyFirstJob, uploaded your CV and applied for your dream job. What next?

Most interview processes will mean you need to have a phone call with a recruiter or hiring manager to talk about what you’ve done in the past and maybe a telephone interview.

Although it's nothing to worry about, this call is quite important because in your job you may be required to answer calls or speak to customers and this will give the recruiter/employer a good idea on how you would communicate with these people.

The Key things to remember are;

  • Polite – When answering the phone, it is always a good idea to be polite whoever you’re on the phone to be especially people who have the potential to help you get a job. Don’t answer the phone with 'WHAT' or another impolite phrase (we have had worse), just ‘hello, can I ask who is calling?’ will suffice.
  • Appropriate language – You will be going to work in a professional environment and possibly speaking to customers, so you need to use appropriate language. Do not call them 'mate' or 'bud', this is a potential colleague.
  • Returning calls – Most recruiters/employers will leave you a voicemail with all the information on why they have called you. Make sure that you listen to this and retain the information, you could do this by making some notes when you listen to it. Recruiters can find it frustrating when someone returns your call and just says ‘I had a call’ most recruiters will make 50+ calls a day, so you could be anyone!
  • Distractions – If you are at school/college/out with friends, book the call in for another time if you feel that they may try and distract you as this is an important call and you may not get a second chance at it.