School's out and summer is here! You may be thinking that this is the perfect time to kick back and relax. While this is true, why not spend a little bit of time exploring your career this summer?

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We’ve also got countless exciting employers to scroll through. Here’s a top tip – if you make an account with us, you can favourite employers so that you’re notified when they post vacancies on our site. Plus, employers tend to have a surge of roles available later in the year, so if you have an account with us you will be made aware of roles that match your interests as they go live. What’s not to love?!


Plan for the future

Since you’ve got some extra free time, this is a perfect opportunity to do some thinking about where you want to go next.

Dream big and set some career goals for your future. Whether that’s securing a job, getting a degree or earning a promotion at work, career goals are great for keeping you focused on the future and guiding you in making informed decisions.

You could also take this time to create or spruce up your CV. Take a note of your skills, experience and achievements and get them all down on paper. Should you be asked for your CV in future, you’ll have it ready to show potential employers just how amazing you are!


Do some research

Google still works by the pool, you know! Why not take this time to do some light research on interview preparation? Learn how to wow an interviewer in person once you’ve impressed them on paper with your CV.

Plus, if you feel like your skills could be improved, take some time to look into how to boost them! There are plenty of skills bootcamps and courses out there, as well as things you can do by yourself to enhance your suitability for the role you want.


Psst – we will be spilling secrets on building a CV, interview preparation, setting career goals and so much more this summer. So make sure to check back here on our site as well as keeping an eye on our socials! Whether you decide to take one or all of these ideas over the summer, GetMyFirstJob has got your back in your career journey.

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