Easter is probably the best time of year – you’re encouraged to eat chocolate and there’s almost no pressure on you to buy things for friends. And even if you have to – you can just pop to the shop on Easter Sunday and get a massive Easter egg for £1!

But it still leaves the inevitable – what are you going to do during Easter Weekend? You’ll probably have to see family and friends, but a lie in is a better option. How do you spend the rest of the time if you’re not up to much – we’ve put our heads together and got it cracked! 

1.    Write a CV 

Sorry to start with something boring – but we are here to help you get your first job through an apprenticeship! Easter can be quite a quiet time of year (unless you’re taking exams), so it could be perfect for you to crack down and write your CV. Especially since you should know your predicted grades & it will be ready for sending to people during the summer holidays if you want a get a part time job or an Apprenticeship

2.    Easter Egg Hunt

Who doesn’t love an Easter Egg hunt? It doesn’t matter how old you are, give yourself a break – invite your friends round and get the hunt started! If you don’t want to buy all the Easter Eggs yourself, you could ask your parents really nicely – or ask your friends to bring some round. As you get older you can also make Easter egg hunts more fun… It won’t take you long to work out how we mean but, you might need your ID!

3.    Netflix Marathon

Netflix is probably how we spend 82.7% of our weekends, and we’d highly recommend it! Netflix always put great films on around holidays – so there’s bound to be something new around Easter… It’s just finding what you want to watch, and you’ll have Scooby snacks with all the chocolate you’ll have!

4.    Go on Holiday

April is the time of year where you can still get away with going somewhere nice without it being too hot to do anything! Some great places to visit are European cities during this time of year. It’ll be good to see some great attractions but also give you the summer glow everyone needs at this time of year! Read our blog about the best city breaks.

5.    Do some revision

Again, we’re sorry to be a little bit boring, but revision is going to be really important at this time of year– it’s the last big chunk of time you’ll get before your exams start. Even if it’s just putting a revision guide and all of your notes together it will be really useful for you to get your head in gear. It’ll also make you realise how much work (or how little) you’ve got to do before exams start. 

6.    Procrastinate

What inevitably comes with revision? Procrastination. There’s no denying it. All we can say is that at least your procrastinating – just make sure you get something done!

7.    Make a giant Crème Egg

This is more because we really want to try it, and as ‘professionals’ we think it would be better left in your hands (although if you’ve got any tips let us know). There are quite a few recipes to make your own crème egg, and although it may be sickly, it’ll be something to tell the grandkids!

8.    Cook

This time of year, is also a good time to start cooking. If you’ve never cooked before and planning on moving out of home soon, it’ll be good to learn a few simple things. But also nail a roast dinner & become incredibly popular for the rest of your life. If you’re a bit more adventurous share what you cook with us on Twitter - @getmyfirstjob

9.    Do a spring clean

Easter is the start of spring, so you should probably have a spring clean. Clear space, clear mind! It will help when you want to get work done closer to exams, but it will also mean that you can get rid of some old clutter to make space for new goodies ahead of summer!

10.    Overindulge

You’re going to get a lot of chocolate. So, if you’re not planning to do anything that we’ve already mentioned, just run a bath… out of the chocolate you’ve received… lay in it… and eat as much as you can. (this isn’t a real suggestion but if you want to try it kudos to you).

We hope this gives you some fun ideas… It might not, but at least we tried!

P.S. You could also register & apply for an apprenticeship 

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