Have you ever heard of a Skills Bootcamp? Well, if you are ready to accelerate your skills and fast-track your career, this free course could be what you're looking for.

A Skills Bootcamp is a free and flexible learning course that will help you gain new skills. Once you've completed the course you'll be guaranteed a job interview with a local employer.

Sounds good? Here's everything you need to know...  

What are Skills Bootcamps? 

A Skills Bootcamp is a free, flexible learning course that lasts up to 16 weeks. 

There are over 100 courses available, varying in sectors such as tech, construction, logistics (HGV driving), engineering, and green skills like solar energy or agriculture. 


Who can apply for these courses?  

If you are aged 19 and over, have the right to work in the UK, and meet the residency requirements, you can apply to attend a Skills Bootcamp. 

Some additional eligibility criteria may be required depending on the training provider. 


How will I learn while on a Skills Bootcamp?  

Courses typically take place online, face-to-face, or at a placement. 


How does going on a Skills Bootcamp help me in the future?  

Once you have successfully completed a Skills Bootcamp course, you will be guaranteed a jobinterview with a local employer. 

They are a great opportunity to learn new skills, gain confidence, and progress in your career. 


Do I need to have specific skills or experience within a sector?  

You don’t need to have a specific skill set or experience within your chosen sector, but you will need to be willing to learn and have a good awareness of the English language. 


Will it cost me money to do a Skills Bootcamp? 

Skills Bootcamps are free to attend. 


Will it affect my Universal Credit claim if I attend a Skills Bootcamp?  

You can apply for a Skills Bootcamp and continue to claim Universal Credit. 


How do I apply for a Skills Bootcamp?  

There is a range of training providers and employers who offer these courses, depending on where you live. 

Alternatively, you can check out the exciting opportunities GetMyFirstJob has available for Skills Bootcamps.  

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