Hi, I'm Calum and I currently live in rural South Northamptonshire but I'm now looking to relocate to Portsmouth as I've been offered a job as a Digital Marketing Apprentice with GetMyFirstJob.

I have been an apprentice before and worked for doing a sales based role. I really enjoyed the time I had there but towards the end of the programme the dealership I was working in got sold. So, I decided it wasn’t for me. During my time there I knew I wanted to work Marketing. Obviously applying for a new job is always a daunting task, it has to be the right one and you have to think, is it right for me?

The Telephone Interview

I had a fairly extensive telephone interview to begin the application process. This involved answering a lot of questions on my previous experience and how I would approach different situations in the workplace. A lot of the questions were based on real life work situations, like ‘if you didn’t get on with someone in your team, what would you do?’

This was such a nerve wrecking experience for me! While I was answering the questions I was also thinking about the consequences of each answer and how it will impact whether or not I would get the job... I answered the questions as best as I could and hoped that I had done enough.

The Interview

Thankfully I was invited to the GetMyFirstJob offices for an interview and I started researching the company in more detail. I asked my parents and friends for advice on what they think the interviewers would ask me. On the day that my interview came, I made my way down to the South Coast to face the interviewers. Safe to say, the most nerve wrecking drive I’ve ever had!

I couldn’t help but think to myself, what are they going to ask me? Am I dressed smart enough? The normal sorts of things that go through your head before an interview. When I arrived, I met with my interviewers and was escorted down to the office where I was going to be interviewed, I awkwardly waved and muttered the odd ‘Hello’ here and there and sat down in a small room the other end of the office.

I was asked questions like ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’ As well as other things relating to the position I applied for. I’m glad I looked at normal interview questions before my interview, it meant most of them I was I prepared for, so I wasn’t caught off guard! On the way home I couldn’t help but think how quickly the interview went. I tried to go over in my head what questions I had been asked and what I had answered. Just trying to assure myself I had said the right thing.

The Outcome

When I got home my family were eager to hear how it went and of course I said ‘I thought it went well’ but in reality I didn’t really know for sure. After an agonising wait I was told I got the job! Immediately I started preparing and looking at flats to rent in the Portsmouth area.

My First Day

On the first day I met Jenny, the other marketing apprentice at GetMyFirstJob, who immediately made me feel like I wasn’t alone in all of this! Initially I thought I was going to be the only apprentice. We were introduced to everybody in the different teams, I still can’t remember everybody’s names… and was set up on the IT systems. We spent the chunk of the day researching competitors and familiarising ourselves with the company we would be working for.

Overall, it was a great first day and I can’t wait to get stuck into my new job!