As an apprentice, independence comes in bundles.. Until you get home and ask your parents what's for dinner. So when can you buy your first home?

Life as an apprentice can be tough. With minimum wage at £3.50 an hour, it can be difficult to treat yourself to the odd takeaway, let alone start saving for a mortgage. But it’s not all bad, many apprentices earn a lot more than minimum wage – some around £24,000. And compared to your counterparts at University, you won’t have an average of £50,000 debt to your name. But that's not to say that life as an apprentice isn't tough. If you are really struggling - you might qualify for a bursary from the Government, this is even more likely if people rely on you.

There are other things against us though, ‘us’ being millennials as a whole. Mainly money, we all want to be in well paid jobs that we want, which can be difficult to find. They’re competitive and we’re paid less for them, especially as young apprentices. And the idea of buying a house? That’s hilarious, tell me another one. I have a bigger chance of bumping into one of the love island contestants whilst they’re still in the villa than I do stepping on to the property ladder anytime soon.