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Business Administration Apprentice - Millie Simpson

Author: Jenny Dallas /19 December 2016/Categories: Apprenticeships

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Business Administration Apprentice - Millie Simpson
Millie Simpson joined CTS in July 2017 as our Business Administration Apprentice and it was clear to us from day 1 that we had struck gold with our choice.

Millie started her level 2 Business Administration qualification whilst learning about the systems and processes CTS use and very quickly took overall responsibility for the day to day management of all assessor diaries and the critical role of booking new learners onto our range of qualifications.

Millie is now an established member of the sales operation at CTS, her efforts have seen her receive a well-deserved pay increase which has come with extra responsibility she has also achieved well over 50% completion on her Business Administration qualification.

A massive congratulations to Millie we are sure she will continue to develop and build a successful career with CTS.

Mike Killeen.

Sales Operations Manager

Here is Millie’s Apprenticeship Story… 

My Business Administration apprenticeship is going to last 12 months. I chose to do business administration because I enjoy communicating with new people and I knew this would come in as part of my job role, I also enjoy working on computers and using Microsoft Excel etc. I did this rather than going to college because I wanted to work and learn at the same time, so I am working and gaining qualifications at the same time. I did still apply to college but I also applied for a few apprenticeships at the same time. I did a week’s work experience and then was offered the job!

My main responsibilities day-to-day are setting up our new learners on to a site called BKSB Live to complete some initial assessments prior to their enrolment, I have to pull personal learning records beforehand to see their qualifications. I use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet every day when I come into work so I can keep track of where myself and my team are with their monthly starts. I am often making phone calls to follow up with learners completing their initial assessments and I use the phone often to call learners to book in for their enrolment.

I think my job is really important to the rest of my team, once my team members have a learner ready to come onto programme with us they pass over the details to me, and I take it from there on booking in for enrolment for example. Over the weeks my job role has developed massively, I have been given more responsibilities and I earned a pay increase for this. I feel privileged that I have been given more responsibilities, it makes me feel like my team are relying on me and they trust me to take on new things.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone. I haven’t actually completed mine yet, but I am really enjoying it. I’m working and getting a qualification and its better than sitting in a class room all day. It’s a brilliant atmosphere and environment to be in. 

In the future I’m not yet sure what to do, but I know that my experience as an apprentice will benefit me. I am enjoying where I am at the moment but I would like to continue to explore different opportunities. 

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