Whether you're taking the first steps in your career, returning to the industry, or thinking about a career change, Microsoft Connector, brought to you by GMFJ with technology from Microsoft, has the tools to make your next step less challenging. If you're ready to find out more about the exciting features Connector offers, then you've certainly landed in the right place.

The Digital Careers Quiz that does the thinking for you

Are you someone with a strong interest in technology and on the lookout for a digital career, but not quite sure which route would be best for you? Well, the Digital Careers Quiz does the thinking for you. In a short 5-minute quiz, you'll be asked questions designed to match your personality with careers that could be perfect for you. Plus, you’ll get your results straight away. Complete the Digital Careers quiz and the journey to a career that fuels your passion could come sooner than you think.

Save time with Microsoft Connector’s Digital Careers Copilot

Perfect for those looking to save time when a question about digital careers pops up. Say goodbye to endless research, as our digital careers copilot can provide industry and careers advice in just a few seconds. Whatever you need, whenever you need, copilot is here to chat!

Level up your knowledge with Connector’s Training Modules

Entering a new industry can be daunting, but upskilling with modules that support you every step of the way will give you the confidence you need. Microsoft Connector offers over 100 modules perfect for taking your knowledge to the next level, making the next chapter a bit less scary.


 Find a digital career right for your future

Discovering a digital career has become a little bit easier with Microsoft Connector. Registering gives you access to vacancies from the world's leading employers, along with endless testimonials from those who were once in your shoes, ensuring you make the right decision for your future. Why not see for yourself?

Build the foundations you need for a successful digital career by registering with Microsoft Connector: Microsoft Connector - Get Into Digital

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