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To remain the world’s largest logistics group,
we must continually innovate and adapt to the world around us.

By using technology to inform and drive our future plans we will achieve our Strategy 2025 - Delivering Excellence in a Digital World.

We have transformed the way that people look at supply chains and we will continue to do so. We are already well on the digitalization journey through the creation of automated warehouses, robots working alongside operative colleagues, and our use of data to track and predict future trends, but we can always do more.

By being a part of this team you will revolutionise the way that supply chain operates, and will work alongside talented colleagues to drive improvement in health and safety, effectiveness and sustainability.

Engineering and Digital Apprenticeships


Data Analysts hold the key to making us better. They have the power to collate data from multiple sources to not only show us how we are performing now, but also how we can be better in the future. We need these people to work across all of our different clients and customers to interpret data and help us to create the DHL of the future.

The Data Analyst level 4 apprenticeship will teach you all you need to know to be able to provide insights from data, and your DHL team will support you to utilise these skills in the workplace.

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Engineering Technicians

Technology is transforming the way that we work and in many of our warehouses it is common place to see people working alongside innovative Technology. As technologies advance and demand for them grows, we need forward-thinking, innovative engineers to design and maintain our technology so that we continue to deliver excellence in a digital world. If you want to be at the cutting edge of technology, then this apprenticeship is for you. During your Engineering Technician apprenticeship you will have the ability to work in all related technologies to ensure you become a engineer of the future.

1 x 36 Month programme

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Electro Engineering Degree

Digitalisation is transforming the way that we live and the way we work. It is common place to see people working alongside innovative Technology in our Operational and functional areas.

Demand for more innovative Technology has grown and we want to continue to deliver excellence in the Digital World. If you want to be at the cutting edge of technology, then this apprenticeship is for you. During your Electro Mechanical Apprenticeship you be involved in introducing new technologies to the business as well as our high profile Customers and also working on many complex projects, bringing innovative solutions to real life problems.

1 x 60 Month programme

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Did you know that DHL have a part of the business that specialised in event management, fleet management and vehicle logistics? They have a simple philosophy…The impossible isn’t! With apprenticeships available for Vehicle Technicians, Body Repair Technicians and Paint Technicians, we need people to work within the BMW contract to make sure that all the vehicles are at their very best!

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