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During your apprenticeship you will learn industry knowledge, skills and behaviours that will be the foundation for your future career.

And the best part? You'll earn a real salary from day one!

The Renault Apprenticeship Programme is both rewarding and challenging, giving you access to first-class learning environments and resources which are designed to grow your personal and professional development supporting you achieve your career goals. You will gain on-the-job experience and achieve professional qualifications.

Apprenticeship Benefits

In addition to the pride and status that comes with being associated with one of the world’s largest and most innovative car manufacturers, there are many other benefits too.

  • Full time paid employment at a Renault Dealership, with a clear career progression pathway
  • Learn new skills in a real-life setting with professionals and gain real industry experience
  • Achieve an industry recognised qualifications
  • A cutting-edge training programme with exclusive use of the very latest Renault vehicles, tools and digital resources
  • Residential block release tuition at Renault's state of the art training centre, in conjunction
  • Regular Renault Training Team support and reviews to ensure progression and personal wellbeing
  • Exclusive corporate work wear supplied for training (excluding footwear)


All the below areas will be discussed not only during your centre induction when you start but continuously through your apprenticeship journey. If you have a query or concern in relation to any of the below areas, please contact our team who will provide you with the relevant support and guidance.


Safeguarding is a set of proactive policies, practices and procedures, grounded in law, policy and values, that aims to keep children, young people and adults, apprentices and staff, safe from a wide range of potential harm. Through the apprenticeship journey, Bosch aims to maintain a safe learning environment for our apprentice’s. Our staff ensure we detect and protect against any safeguarding issues.

Equity and Diversity

The Apprenticeship Programme operates a policy of Equality of Opportunity which guarantees equal treatment regardless of sex, marital status, race, religion, disability or offending background. Equality issues will be discussed during your centre induction and you will discuss a number of ways in which people can be unfairly treated. Now that you are in the world of work you have responsibilities in terms of Equal Opportunities.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of prime importance at all times. Your trainer is fully aware of their responsibility for carrying out your training within a safe working environment. It is your responsibility to follow the guidance your trainer and your employer gives you regarding all matters of Health and Safety. As an apprentice you are entitled to the same protection under the law in Health and Safety matters as any other employed person. In addition you also have a legal duty to obey safety rules.

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