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Travel Consultant Apprentice - £17,600 per annum

  • Travel & Tourism
  • 338.63 p/w
  • Advanced Level 3
  • Liverpool

Travel Consultant Apprentice - £17,600 per annum

In this amazing role you will be responsible for completing all incoming tasks as assigned. You will also be trained to work in multiple systems and processes based on industry, client and BCD Travel rules and procedures.

Travel Consultant Apprentice

  • Travel & Tourism
  • 262.50 p/w
  • Advanced Level 3
  • East Grinstead

Travel Consultant Apprentice

An amazing opportunity to join the team and to service business travelers needs for flights, hotels, car hire in a prompt and accurate fashion. You will learn and develop in a small company where you will be recognised as an important part of the team. There will be opportunities to travel as guest of their suppliers so that you can gain valuable first hand experience of how things work.

Considering an Apprenticeship?

There are lots of benefits to apprenticeships, here are our top 5:

  • Paid Training
    Not only will your organisation (or the Government) pay for all of your training, but you’ll be paid to do it. That means you could actually get paid to get your degree and have no debt!
  • Range of career opportunities
    There are over 625 different apprenticeships to choose from, in a range of industries. Whether you’re interested in law, marketing, construction or engineering, you’ll find something up your street!
  • Earn & learn
    As an apprentice, the minimum you’ll earn is £6.20 an hour, but we’ve seen apprentices earn a starting salary of up to £30,000 a year! You could also get other employee benefits like gym memberships, paid holiday and sick pay.
  • Great career prospects
    Employers think apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications. In fact, many large employers train their graduates and apprentices together!
  • Learn on the job
    There’s only so much you can learn when you just do a qualification. As an apprentice, you’ll also get to learn on the job - whether that’s designing amazing graphics, chopping vegetables or building engines!
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